The Andrea Galen Jacks Educational Scholarship was established to assist eligible graduates in pursuing a secondary education and for educational needs of the foster children. This year we received two grants, one from the Mull Foundation for $2,000 and the other from Grace Episcopal Church for $3,000.

The Andrea Galen Jacks Memorial Scholarship started out in 2004 by Dr. Alan Jacks and his wife,

Janice, with the goal to raise $10,000 to be endowed in the Community Foundation of Burke County. As of 3-30-17, the total of the endowment is $73,292.74. As an endowment, we are guaranteed that Burke County foster children will always have funds available to them to provide educational opportunities and enrichment. A disbursement is granted quarterly to cover scholarships and educational needs of the foster children. This year we received $3,236 in disbursements.

We had three recipients to qualify to receive the Andrea Galen Jacks Scholarship in 2015. We had no recipients in 2016 or 2017 (One graduate is filling out her application to help her attend Western Piedmont Community College fall 2017). There is one past recipient who continued to receive the scholarship this year. In August 2016, 140 school aged children received school supplies and a card with $10 to begin their school year.

Seniors who complete high school are given money for a high school ring, cap and gown, invitations, etc. Rada Cutlery Fundraiser contributed to this fund. This year we had 2 seniors who graduated. A total of $400 was spent on graduation expenses.Type your paragraph here.

Andrea Galen Jacks Educational Scholarship

Annually, Homes For Heart, Inc. provides a Foster Children’s Christmas Party. This year the party was at the Morganton’s Collett Street Recreation Center. Dinner and desserts were served. Many activities were available for the children to participate in. Including face painting, art activities, games, juggling, dancing to DJ music, pictures with Santa, and visit with friends: Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, Wolverine Belle and a Ghostbuster. Each foster child also received a gift bag.

At this year’s party 83 foster children attended, compared to 59 the year before. 156 other people attended including: foster families, volunteers, Homes For Hearts board members, DSS staff and social workers, compared to 136 the year before. For a total of: 239 in attendance compared to 195 the year before.

​​The following individuals and organizations contributed to the Christmas Party

Domino’s, J&S Cafeteria, Alison’s, Pepsi, Bojangles - Hildebran, Subway, Claude Huffman, The Ultimate Experience, Melanie Yang, Hayley Chapman, Karen Loviska, Tyler Heruts, Cassey McDonough, Nathan Roark, Madii Giulletto, Sarah Britt, Josh Bazis, Kyle Brown and son, James Allen, Morganton Recreation Center, Timberwoods, Firehouse Subs, Golden Coral, Food Lion - Fiddlers Run, Food Lion - Burkemont Ave., Chick-fil-A.    

Christmas Gift bag contributors

Blue Ridge Reading Council, McDonalds - Heather and Patrick Joyner, Zaxby’s, Domino’s-Mitch Young, Oak Ridge Baptist Church, Nancy Taylor, Mighty Dollar-Mike Kubal, Arby’s, Subway, Delishi - Fran, LGFCU, Teeth in Need - Nancy Brown, Colonial Life - Cristy Gupton, Amanda Williams.

Monetary Donations

Alan & Janice Jacks
Allen & Revonda Mull
Amanda McGee
Amy Buchanan
Ashley Flowers
Betsy Blatz
Betsy Steele
Betty Rose Mackie
Bill Vaassen
Brigitte & Kenneth Clark
Brooke Duncan
Burke Animal Clinic
Burke Co. LICC

Candace Barrier
Carmen Tyler Bazis
Charles & Kristen Richardson
Cheryl Simpson
Claude & Dolores Huffman
Cynthia & Jeffrey Brittain
Dale & Sheila McCurry
David & Bonn Lynn Poteat
David & Gail Coley
Deborah Davis, MD
Dennis & Patricia Lee
DVDesigns LLC
E. Valdese Baptist - Caregivers Class

Edward W. Phifer III
Elwood & June Jepson
Eric Jacobsen
Faith Community Church
G.S. Hoff Co.
Gerald & Stanlena Allen
Glen & Mary Davis
Gregory Bazis
Gwyn & Carl Barshinger
Hopewell Baptist - Embrace
Jack & Maxine Carroll
Jamie Hensley
James & Mary Helen Cornelison
Jean Salsbury
Jeff Lowdermilk
Jeff & Lisa Harless
Jeffrey & Donna Hayenga
Jennifer Milton
Jimmy Jacumin
John & Donna Sallstrom
John G. Jermyn
Joseph & Mary Franklin
Joseph Larry Whisnant
Judge Claude & Jo Sitton
Judy & Ray McGhee
Keith & Leslie Ramseur-Moose Motors
Kellie Stroup
Larry & Barbara Small
Leigh Thompson
Lela Duke
Libby Sylvia White
Lisa Cook  
Lisa Hayward
Lori Rice
Maha Jarrah
Mega Tan
Michael Miller
Mike & Libby Carlisle
Milestone Insurance
Mobile Service, Inc.
Nanci C. Page
Nancy Puckett
Natalie Whitaker - Dental Assoc. Pat Denton
Reynolds Family Wellness
Robert & Laura Rhodes
Robert & Phyllis Sheehan
Rodrick & Wanda Orders
Scottie & Margaret Greer
Security Unlimited, Inc.
Tim & Laurie Robinson
Tamara Wellman
Teresa McDavid
Vickie Farish
Wallace & Ann Moncrief
Wal-Mart - $100 gift card
Wendy Coffin
William & Nicole Moore
William & Tara Mode
Other Anonymous Donations

2016 Annual Foster Care

Christmas Party Recap 

Homes for Hearts, Inc. assists foster children by providing cash assistance for some extra-curricular activities not covered by DSS:

- One foster child received $150 to help with expenses so she could go to Girl         Scout camp.

- Two foster children received $25 each for spending money for their class trip to   Raleigh.

- One girl received $150 to go on her school chorus trip.

- One girl received $150 to go on her class trip to Washington, DC.

- One boy received $25 for school computer fees.

- One senior was given $100 to help with prom expenses.   

Homes for Hearts, Inc. is a private non-profit organization, 501(c) 3, designed specifically to raise funds to help provide support for children in the custody of the Burke County Department of Social Services. The number of foster children has increased drastically this year to over 250 children in custody. This year Homes for Hearts, Inc spent $24,438.14 on Burke County foster children expenses. The board consists of up to twenty individuals who come from all walks of life and are united by the desire to improve the quality of life for foster children in the custody of Burke County Department of Social Services.  

​Homes for Hearts, Inc. hosted fundraisers during the year to use for the following:

- Andrea Galen Jacks scholarship - $1,000 per year.

- July 2016 – June 2017 expenses totaled: $1,000

- Educational expenses - Tutoring, mentoring, educational materials and school       supplies.

- July 2016 – June 2017 expenses totaled: $1,575

- Graduation expenses such as invitations, cap and gowns, class ring, etc. - $200     per graduate.

- July 2016 – June 2017 expenses totaled: $400

- Camp expenses - Sports, musical, recreational, ROTC, etc. - priority to                   educational based camps.

- July 2016 – June 2017 expenses totaled: $150

- Prom expenses - S100 for Juniors and Seniors.

- July 2016 – June 2017 expenses totaled: $100

- Birthdays - $30 for their birthday plus a coupon for a free meal at AJ’s Family         Steak House.

- July 2016 – June 2017 expenses totaled: $6,330

- Christmas gift cards, and other Special Occasions.

- July 2016 – June 2017 expenses totaled: $14,502

- Foster Children’s Christmas Party

- July 2016 – June 2017 expenses totaled: $218

Total Total Expenses for July 2016 – June 2017: $24,438.14

Special Thanks:

*The Town of Drexel for allowing us to use their facility in Drexel for storage

*All those who contributed to our organization this year to make the world a  better place for Burke County foster children.


Foster Children Special Assistance

Catawba Brewery fundraiser provided money for birthdays for the children in the custody of Burke county DSS. Continental Auto grant of $2,500 was used for birthdays as well as Beatrice Cobb grant of $1,000. President, Carmen Bazis asked family & friends to make donations in honor of her son, Quinn’s third birthday. Thanks to Jim and Stacy Eichorst with Books Are Fun, Inc. who sponsored 3 fundraisers for our birthday fund. With these donations, each child received a birthday card along with a $30 gift card. Also, through a generous donation from A.J.’s Steakhouse each child was able to have a free meal on their birth month. This year we served 211 foster children on their birthday. A total of $6,330 was spent for birthdays.

2016 - 2017 Annual Report