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     Homes For Hearts, Incorporated is a private,501c non-profit organization established in June, 2002.  Homes for Hearts, Inc. is designed to assist foster children in the custody of   Burke County Department of Socail Services .  We assist them in supporting physical and temporal needs of the over 100+ children in their custody. Because of the collaborative efforts of Burke County community we are able to assist with: educational needs, expenses to attend their prom, funding for graduation, school supplies, host a Christmas party, Christmas presents, birthday gifts, award the "Andrea Galen Jacks Memorial Education Scholorship". ..

What is Homes for Hearts, Incorporated?


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Organization seeking Christmas donations for foster children
By Tammie Gercken / ​Staff Writer
The News Herald
 December  07, 2017 

Your donation is tax deductible.
However, please keep in mind that ​PayPal will charge Homes for Hearts, Inc. 2.2% of your total donation amount plus $ .30 (cents).

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